I'm a Kentucky native but a transient at heart.  I find when I'm at a roadblock, driving long distances helps. The people I most enjoy meeting are those who revel in their obscene otherness, and my passion is in documenting the magical realism of the world around me. It's big and weird and shouldn't make sense, but somehow does.

Through my work, I aspire to connect people across cultures and boundaries through intimate and empathetic understanding of one another. I am curious about how people relate to each other, and I hope to use my work to explore these relationships, whether it be familial, romantic, cross-cultural, or otherwise.

I am currently based in Brooklyn, NY and am available for hire for editorial publications, non-profit organizations and local projects. For all other inquiries, I'm available for work anywhere you want to take me. Even space. Especially space.

// Get in touch at laurennolanphoto@gmail.com

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